Planning to build or re-do your Intranet Home Page Design?

Great, you're in the right place! These best practices for your new Intranet Home Page will upgrade your and your teams' game to the next level. 

The intranet homepage is something everyone usually needs and feels most comfortable with (especially when starting their day). Yet frequently, it’s poorly managed, under-supported and deemed "not a big deal" even though it’s one of the best tools for connecting your employees to your strategic plan.

Whether you are re-building or starting to build your Intranet Home Page, this guide by Microsoft MVP Matt Wade will guide you thru the entire Intranet Home Page Design process from start to finish. 

Get the know-how with Intranet Home Page Design 101! 


This guide covers topics like:

  • How getting your project organised makes a big difference
  • Focusing on the right home page content
  • Mobile friendliness and why not to skimp over it
  • Branding the Office 365 experience
  • Maintaining your baby with e.g. change management, metrics and feedback

Start your journey on building the best Intranet Home Page Design there is!

About the Author: Matt Wade

MATTWADE_0097MVP, Vice President of Client Engagement at H3 Solutions Incorporated

Matt is an engineer-turned IT/chatbot nerd and Microsoft MVP. He consults internationally on Office 365 migration and adoption. He’s recently found himself neck deep in AI and bots and has worked in environments ranging from government to private sector; fewer than one hundred users to thousands; strictly secure to eh-good-enough; custom to out-of-the-box; snowed-in to palm tree-laden.

Twitter: @thatmattwade